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PAF College Sargodha Result 2017

Written Test Result 2017 PAF College Sargodha


GILGIT CENTRE :  DG001, DG002, DG004, DG006, 03008, DG009, DG010, DG013, DG014, DG015. DG016, DG017 DG018, D0022, DC:C2‘ 0G026, DG027, DG031, DG032

MUZAFFARABAD (AJK) CENTRE :  DM001, DM003, DM005, DM008, DM009, DM010, DM011, DM012, DM013, DM014, DM015, DM017, DMO20

SKARDU CENTRE :  DU002, D0008, DU009, DU010, DU011, DU012, DU014, DU016, DU019, DUO21, DUO22 HYDERABAD CENTRE: H0002, 110003, H0004, H0006, H0015, H0016, H0021, H0024, H0032, H0040, H0042, H0044, H0045, H0054. H0072, H0073, H0080, H0092 H0112

KARACHI CENTRE :  K0002, K0003, K0014, K0016, K0017. K0026, K0028, K0029, K0033, K0034, K0035, K0037, K0042, K0044, K0051, K0062, K0063, K0064, K0065, K0067, K0068, K0071, K0072, K0073, K0076, K0078, K0081, K0084, K0085, K0088, K0089, K0094, K0096, K0108, K0111, K0112, K0115, K0119, K0121, K0127, K0140, K0142, K0147, K0151, K0169, K0177, K0178, K0202, K0204, K0212, K0222, K0226, K0231, K0240, K0246, K0247, K0255, K0257, K0262, K0264, K0265, K0285, K0297, K0301, K0307, K0309, K0314, K0318, K0324, K0332, K0344, K0353

LAHORE CENTRE :  L0023, L0027, L0049, L0053, L0055, L0062, L0063, L0064, L0070, L0091, L0093, L0096, L0097, L0110, L0113, L0116, L0134, L0140, L0159, L0161, L0184, L0190, L0210, L0216, L0221, L0234, L0236, L0250, L0257, L0273, L0276, L0288, L0295, L0300, L0318, L0338, L0349, L0361, L0372, L0398, L0410, L0419, L0421, L0425, L0431, L0436, L0437, L0438, L0439, L0440, L0448, L0477, L0491, L0504,10507, L0512, L0519, L0520, L0521, L0522, L0530, L0562, L0600, L0608, L0621, L0622, L0623, L0632, L0636,1_0654, 10655, L0656, L0664, L0678, L0682, L0683, L0690, L0691, L0696, L0697, L0698, L0709, L0711, L0713, L0722, L0726, L0727, L0729, L0730, L0745, L0750, L0754, L0761, L0765, L0770, L0803, L0832, L0853, L0870, L0872, L0878, L0884, L0886, L0895, L0902, L0903, L0919, L0924, L0925. L0947, L0954, L0961, L0964, L0974, L0977, L0980, L0984, L0990, L0991, 10995, L1013, L1016. L1017, L1038, L1055, L1093, L1096, L1097, L1115, L1116, L1151, L1170, L1173, L1178, L1179, L1180. L1190, L1196, L1200, L1217, L1224, L1226, L1232, L1235, L1253, L1285, L1295, L1304, L1317, L1318, L1321, L1358, L1366, L1404, L1411, L1421, L1428, L1429, L1430, L1497, L1499, L1519, L1520, L1521, L1522 L1526, L1527, L1528, L1529, L1533, L1534, L1538, L1540, L1541, L1546, L1547, 11548, L1549, L1550, L1554, L1556, L1557, L1558, L1559, L1562. L1563, L1565, L1566, L1567, L1569, L1572, L1573, L1588, L1622, L1623, L1628, L1629, L1631, L1644, L1655, L1706, L1710, L1720, L1721, L1745, L1753, L1762, L1788, L1791, L1835, L1843,11850, L1884, L1885, L1901, L1902, 11904, L1907. L1908, L1924, L1929, L1937, L1958, L1959, L1963, L1972, L1976, L1984, L1996, L1997, L2045, L2046, L2061, L2081, L2105, L2113. L2170, L2177, L2182, L2211

MULTAN CENTRE :  M0001, M0008, M0010, M0017, M0021 M0026, M0039, M0041, M0046, M0053, M0065, M0074, M0078, M0086, M0092, M0093, M0094, M0101, M0113, M0114, M0117, M0139, M0143, M0157, M0158, M0160, M0163, M0165, M0169, M0174, M0175, M0182, M0188, M0189, M0190, MO203, MO220, MO258, MO270, MO276, MO278, MO282, M0303, M0308, M0318, M0322, M0329, M0338, M0345, M0355, M0360, M0365, M0366, M0369, M0372, M0395, M0408, M0409, M0410, M0411, M0412, M0413, M0414, M0415, M0416, M0417, M0418, M0430, M0436, M044.4, M0446, M0450, M0457, M0462, M0472, M0501, M0512, M0513, M0514, M0518, M0521, M0522, M0526, M0520, M0531, M0533, M0541, M0542, M0543, M0544, M0561, M0562. M0564, M0569, M0572, M0576, M0577, M0578, M0584, M0587, M0588, M0589, M0590, M0591, M0595, M0599, M0600, M0603, M0605, M0607, M0608, M0619, M0620, M0622, M0624, M0647, M0654, M0655, M0658, M0695, M0696, M0703, M0713, M0723, M0724, M0732, M0735, M0739, M0747, M0749, M0751, M0753, M0758, M0764, M0767, M0785, M0788, M0791, M0799, M0824, M0825, M0829, M0858, M0865, M0873, M0896, M0918, M0942, M0944, M0956, M0960, M0961, M0996, M1011, M1012, M1013, M1037, M1074, M1075, M1077, M1085, M1091, M1092, M1094, M1108, M1123, M1127, M1148, M1167. M1169, M1175. M1182, M1183, M1203, M1204, M1211, M1219, M1222, M1223, M1227, M1231, M1244, M1257, M1262, M1283, M1292, M1298, M1305, M1306, M1309, M1310, M1319

SUKKUR CENTRE :  NO011, N0013, N0018, N0021, N0023, N0028, N0029, N0033, N0043, N0050, N0079, N0080. N0089 PESHAWAR CENTRE: P0008, P0013, P0014, P0019, P0023, P0026, P0031, P0041, P0044, P0059, P0060, P0068, P0072, P0075, P0081, P0083, P0084, P0085, P0087. P0088, P0089, P0091. P0092, P0093, P0094, P0095, P0101, P0102, P0109, P0110, P0137, P0139. P0141, P0169, P0175, P0182, P0192, P0201, P0223, P0224, P0227, P0241, P0250, P0251, P0270, P0284, P0296, P0297, P0314, P0327. P0329, P0342, P0381, P0382, P0387, P0392, P0393, P0394, P0395, P0396, P0399, PO403, PO404, PO405, PO406, PO408, PO410, PO411, PO432, PO447, PO453, PO470, PO473, PO480, PO487, PO488, PO490, PO492, P0510, P0514, P0524, P0525, P0526, P0543, P0554, P0559, P0560, P0570, P0586, P0588, P0609, P0616, P0620, P0622, P0623, P0624, P0625, P0629, P0655, P0660, P0661, P0664, P0665, P0666, P0674, P0681, P0691, P0705, P0706, P0716, P0730, P0751, P0759, P0762, P0772, P0782, P0808, P0823, P0824, P0826, P0827, P0828, P0841, P0867, P0945, P0978, P0985, P0990, P0993

QUETTA CENTRE :  Q0004, 00008, 00011, 00017, Q0019, Q0021, 00022, 00023, Q0024, Q0026, Q0027, 00030, 00032, 00038, 00040, Q0041, 00045, Q0050, Q0054, Q0065, 00066, Q0067, Q0068, 00071, Q0073, Q0074, Q0075, 00077, Q0080, Q0081, Q0082, 00083, Q0085, Q0087, Q0093, Q0094, Q0096, Q0100, 00102, 00106, 00108. 00110, Q0113, 00117, Q0120, Q0129, 00132, 00134, Q0135, 00138, 00144, 00148, 00149, 00156, 00161, 00163, 00164, Q0167, Q0168, 00170, Q0174, Q0183

RAWALPINDI CENTRE :  00006, R0023, R0024, R0025, 00027, R0044, R0046, R0056, R0062, R0073, R0074, R0080, R0086, R0088, R0094, R0099, R0102, 00106, R0109, R0121, R0122. R0130, R0132, R0134, R0135, R0137, R0150, R0152, R0154, R0160,140162, R0163, R0180, R0184, R0186, R0191, 00192, R0194, R0196, R0198, R0214, R0216, R0221, R0228, R0233, 00236, R0240, R0249, R0261, R0262, R0263, R0267, R0293, R0294, R0298, R0303, R0308, R0311, R0340, R0388, R0394, 80397, R0404, R0413, 00415, R0422, R0432, R0433, 00441, R0456, R0463, R0465, R0466, R0473, 00481, 00483, R0485, 80488, R0489, R0506, R0516, R0523, R0526, R0533, 00534, R0538, 00544, 00550, R0560, 00564, R0568, R0580, R0581, R0583, R0588, R0593, R0613, R0619, R0644, R0647, R0648, R0666, R0667, R0672, R0675, R0680, R0685, R0686, R0687, R0710, R0717, R0723, R0726, R0727, R0732, R0734, R0735, R0736 R0738, R0740, R0743, R0746, R0752, R0762, 80777, R0779, R0782, R0788, R0790, R0796, R0809, 00823, 00832, R0837, R0841, 00843, R0844, R0848, R0852, R0853, R0857, R0861, R0863, R0864, R0869, R0877, 00880, R0900, R0901, R0906, R0913, R0921, R0925, R0939, R0941, R0942. R0948, R0951, R0952, R0953, R0954, R0962, R0969, R0998, R1005, R1008, R1009, R1016, R1019. R1022. R1025. R1028, R1032, R1033, R1040, R1045, R1062, R1075, R1076, R1078, R1085, R1093 . R1097, R1102, R1103, R1136, R1138, R1142, R1144, R1149, R1153, R1154, R1158, R1171, R1176, R1197, R1225, R1257, R1260, R1276, R1278, R1280, R1287, R1290, R1292, R1315, 81328, R1330, R1336, R1339, R1381, R1382. R1388, R1416. R1436, R1451, R1474, R1488, R1495, R1497, R1526, R1533, R1537, R1559, R1576, R1639 R1656, R1686. R1693, R1700, R1709, R1733, R1745

SARGODHA CENTRE :  50009, S0011, S0020, S0029, S0040, S0046, S0047, S0058, S0076, S0098, S0099, S0102, S0121, S0122, S0129, S0133, 50136, S0140, S0149, S0155, S0156, S0168, S0172, S0185, S0190, S0200, S0216, S0221, S0222, 50223, S0224, S0231, S0238, S0242, S0265, S0269, S0271, 50296, 50298, S0311, S0333, S0343, SO403, SO405, 50406, SO418, SO433, SO442, SO456, SO471, SO472, SO474, 50477, 50517, S0524, 50534, 50542, S0547, 50554, S0572, S0578, 50579, 50587, S0594, S0597, S0602, 50603, 50606, 50607, S0610, 50614, 50619, S0621, S0624, 50626, S0628, S0629, S0634, S0635, S0638, S0643, S0647, S0649, 50653, S0661, S0668, S0673, S0679, S0681, S0682, S0695, S0702, S0708, S0725, S0730, S0733, 50748, 50749, S0756, 50760, S0781, 50828, S0833, S0836, S0848, S0873, S0874, S0881, S0882, S0886, S0887, S0893, S0919, S0923, S0926, S0933, S0934, S0940, S0941, S0969, S0978, S1000, S1002, S1019, S1035, S1039, S1042, 51056, S1063, S1073, S1100, S1146, S1187, S1197, S1256, S1268, S1273, S1275, S1279, S1296, S1310, S1319, S1386, S1412, 51413, S1427, S1449, S1450, S1451, S1473, S1475, S1554, S1583, S1586, S1591. S1620. S1642, S1673, S1679


Contact Details :

  • Address : PAF College Queen Chowk near PAF Base Mushaf Sargodha.
  • Phone : +92 – 048 – 3729702 – 3 , Ext: 3331
  • Fax : +92 – 048 – 3724156
  • Official Website :

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to contact us.

PAF College Sargodha NTS Test Result 2017, PAF College Sargodha successful candidates List 2017, PAF College Sargodha successful candidates in Written Test 2017. PAF College Sargodha Roll NO,s of Successful Candidates in Written Test 2017.

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